Wrath of Con

Wrath of Con 2015- An Interview with Chris Claremont

Wrath of Con

Brandon is the Editor-in-Chief and President of Maglomaniac. He is the author of the Eat Your Serial title Ten Years Gone: Pomp and Circumstance, as well as the columns Child's Play, Nerd's Eye View, Letters to Jeremy, Irate Educator, The Audio Files, and The Dao of Ninjape, among others.

Wrath of Con is Maglomaniac’s yearly coverage of New York Comic Con. We hit up the selling floor and artist alley to get information and interviews from all of comics creators, movers, and shakers from the up and coming and the earth shattering. The footage from the 2015 Con got lost, tumbled, restored, and fumbled a few times so we’re posting it in Summer 2016…just in time to hype up New York Comic Con in October!

In this installment we get a real no bullshit interview with none other than Chris Claremont–the most influential man to ever scribe and X-Men book…and a real brilliant guy besides. Crank up the volume to hear him over the crowd of thousands!

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