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4205 Cast
4205 Cast

Hello Maglomaniacs!  I’m André, and I will be the point man in charge of delivering the 4205 Cast content to you.  The other members of this group are Joe, Chris, Anthoney, and Theo.  What you are about to start listening to is the video game focused ramblings of a bunch of unknown dudes as we begin our podcast lives!

I suppose a bit of history is in order.  The 4205 Cast has existed for several years now, but never actually collected and recorded.  We would have discussions and wonder why it was we never recorded them.   In a bold leap, we decided to stop asking the question and just do it.  We chose our name based on the [insert video game store retailer name here] store number we worked at and met as a collective.

As I mentioned above, we mostly speak on video games, and we have a mix of old school sensibilities from myself and Joe, combined with contemporary takes from Theo and Anthoney.  To tie it all together, we have the swing man in Chris, who straddles the fence between the two parties.

We have recorded several episodes and interviews, and I will be delivering them to Maglomaniac and go through our backlog before getting things current.  Today, we’ll start with the pilot episode.  This was more of a test than anything else, but we decided to keep it as it ended up blossoming into an actual episode where we talked about what we liked and disliked about gaming in 2015.

As a spoiler for the next article, after we recorded this episode, we decided to do a series of five one-on-one interviews to allow you guys to hopefully get to know us better.

After that, we have, as of this writing, seven additional episodes to catch up on before we’re current.  We hope that you will join us for more content as we grow, learn, and evolve.

If you are the impatient type and just want to listen to everything, you can catch all the episdoes on Soundcloud. You can email us at contact@4205cast.com, catch us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, ask questions on Reddit.

4205 Cast off.


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