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Brandon is the Editor-in-Chief and President of Maglomaniac. He is the author of the Eat Your Serial title Ten Years Gone: Pomp and Circumstance, as well as the columns Child's Play, Nerd's Eye View, Letters to Jeremy, Irate Educator, The Audio Files, and The Dao of Ninjape, among others.

Yes that’s the truth! For one day only (Wednesday January 15th, 2014) you can download the remarkable Letters to M by Peter M. Love on your Kindle (or for kindle apps) for 100% free! Follow THIS LINK to get your free copy from Amazon today!


It’s the usual story. You hang out, play some bridge, occasionally write letters to a girl in class that you never send. There are lots of ways to get a girl; you learn from the best and try and them all. Martin Applegate is a man with a mission. He has identified his girl. He knows his methods. Now, it’s just about the application.

Teenage life in Britain. It’s exciting, especially if you are white, middle-class and play bridge.

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