Carmine Russotti is the “Dream Maker”

Rachel Roads is an avid music fan who loves to find unheard, undiscovered musicians. Rachel is a published journalist with credits over 25 online media outlets and in 2 print magazines. She has an AA in Journalism from JCC. Rachel also worked for 2 years as the personal assistant of Time Magazine contributing writer, Joe Klein.


Now it isn’t every day that I get a new song that sticks in my head, but today is one of those days. The song? A newly released song and video by Carmine Russotti called, “The Dream Maker.” Carmine has the first crazy, wild, awesome, good (or bad?) song that could go viral in 2014. Seriously! This song and video might just be so bad it is good.

The video came across my desk via an old friend and it was listed as ‘hip-hop’. This song was far away from any hip hop I had ever heard, but the song does have a short rap feature towards the end. I was attracted to the song, and I had to watch it over and over and I noticed I had the hook stuck in my head very quickly. The song has that appeal among other things. I didn’t know if it was a train wreck or really great.

I might have forgotten that Mr. Russotti isn’t a known musician, he is brand new to the scene, and he is also no spring chicken. Russotti was a New York City music teacher for 27 years, and his long list of performing credits include the following, Three of a Kind Orchestra, Freelance Musician, Hunter College Orchestra, Hunter College Jazz Band, Alex Maysonet Ensemble, Normie Wayne Music, Larry Charles Big Band, Various performances in off Broadway musicals: Fiddler On The Roof, Anything Goes, Guys & Dolls, etc. Gloria Praise Team, W.O.W., Tony C & The Nose Pickers, and various ensembles in the New York City Public School System.

Now here he is, a man who has been in and out of the music business with his first official music release, The Dream Maker. The song and video by Russotti is something different, it is fresh, and upbeat, and I think it will be the first viral video of 2014. Just on a hunch, but leave a comment and tell us how you feel.

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