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Maglomaniac, Inc. currently produces and releases two brands of content made available through the website


The first kind is magazine style content which may include (but is not limited to) Political OpEds, Entertainment Reviews, and other topical or content specific articles and posts. It is the policy of Maglomaniac, Inc. not to stifle the opinions or dictate the view of its writers, regardless if they are freelance or staff. However, it is important to note that the opinions expressed in any post or article on–including those of staff–are not necessarily the views or stances of the company. As a platform interested in exposing multiple voices and view points it behooves us to provide as wide and hopefully balanced a conversation as possible. If you have something to add to a discussion or argument you may contact us at We’d love to have you take part in any and all conversations (pending review for quality of writing).

Maglomaniac, Inc. reserves the right to accept or deny submissions for any reason.


Additionally, the second brand of content issued from Maglomaniac, Inc. on the home website and in other venues is from the publishing imprint, Eat Your Serial Press. These works are author-owned and licensed for sale and distribution by Maglomaniac, Inc. The views and opinions, as well as the content itself, of any works published by Maglomaniac, Inc. under the brand and banner of Eat Your Serial are also expressly and not necessarily the views of Maglomaniac, Inc. regardless of the author’s relationship to the site or the company.


It is our goal to provide quality and engaging content regardless of the brand, genre, or topic and to provide and participate in engaging, respectful, and intelligent conversations; even if the topics themselves are not respectful or intelligent :p


For more questions about this or any other policy please feel free to contact us at or (or you can just comment on what you’ve read and engage us directly, we’re not shy).

Thanks for reading!

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