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Happy President’s Day! Generally, the holiday stands to mark the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln–the most popular Presidents in classrooms and boxed bulletin board kits. In some places the day memorializes Jefferson and Washington, leaving Lincoln out of the equation…we can probably imagine that some states might have an axe to grind with ol’ Abe. Others yet set aside a day to honor all Presidents, the Office of the Presidency, and so forth.

Suffice it to say, we honor the position and I took the time to teach my 4th and 5th graders about the first few Presidents in my Social Studies class leading up to the long week off. In doing the research for this I came across some interesting facts about the Presidency–some were your standard things: FDR was the only President to be elected more than twice, William Henry Harrison died after 30 days, Grover Cleveland served non-consecutive terms. I decided to focus on Washington heavily in my lessons and in doing that research I found some pretty interesting facts about him that you generally don’t get in your elementary classes. I decided to focus on those…

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