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    Review – Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut (PC)

    Ask someone who knows about indie games and sooner or later, after talking about the wondrous open-world exploration of Minecraft and the nostalgic spelunking adventure known as Cave Story, you’ll probably end up talking about the Shantae serie...
  • Written by Susan I. Weinstein
Cover by Cathy Saska Mydlowski

    Paradise Gardens- Chapter 14-Year 2259, The Earth’s Surface

    Fern Finds Her Karma   Fern Johanson was about to lock up Madge’s office for the night. She was pleased to have scavenged a month’s coffee from the black market office pools, though ersatz didn’t begin to describe the stuff. She put on...
  • blair_thumb

    The Battle of Blair Mountain

    The Battle of Blair Mountain: Rednecks and Blue Collar Bullets by Mike Marino When you toss the fuel of corporate repression onto a smoldering fire of mine worker discontent, it’s sure to ignite in a flashpoint of violence. Just such a conflagr...
  • ida

    Review: Ida

    Visionary writer/director Pawel Pawlikowski (My Summer of Love 2004) has created another piece of cinema magic with Ida. Aesthetically, this film is daunting. Lingering long shots, rear views of objects always move away, glimpses of vulnerability ...
  • Roller_derby,_Amsterdam_Derby_Dames_against_the_Ruhr_Pott_Roller_Girls_from_Essen,_Germany

    Eroticism of the Roller Derby

    Xena the Warrior Princess busting balls! Amazon Queens ruling with an iron fist over a population of male captives on bended knees in total submission…Betty Page with whip in hand…like the Maltese Falcon, these are the things that erotic ...
  • a+coffee+in+berlin

    Review: Coffee in Berlin

    Jan Ole Gerster’s debut feature succeeds greatly — he creates a film almost totally devoid of plot. The film’s very enactment is its purpose. ‘Devoid of plot’ might sounds scary, but don’t worry, it’s not an overly experimental film. It...
  • IMG_3471

    Here Be Dragons- Life in Freedom or Death

    In Craiova, Romania on the 18th of June 2014 the Red Scorpion Regiment stood in a formation, in attendance of dignitaries from the Romanian government. There was a great ceremony in the City Center, and my friend Andrei was among those suffering in f...
  • mc5yo

    The MC5

    The 1960′s. The Late Great Altered States of America. The Red, White and Screwed. It was an era that ripped the bra off of Lady Liberty to reveal her falsies and hypocripsy. Meanwhile, “Kick out the Jams” was resonating from deep wi...
  • sanctions_wide-15ce5b30c026af2093b46a87a4731ca5ead308b6-s6-c30

    Russian Sanctions Will Be Most Effective Coming From European Neighbors

    A week after the fatal Malaysia Airlines crash in Eastern Ukraine, the world is still grappling with an effective response plan. The passenger plane was shot down by Russian-backed separatists, using advanced military technology believed to be suppli...